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The company pursues 'sincerity first, friendly cooperation, and things in time, satisfaction first', the purpose of service, adhere to the 'people-oriented, only good use' concept of talent, attach great importance to the training of talents and career planning, and strive to create a vibrant career space.

Production inspection
Every stage of production is monitored by mid-term inspection. The first product should be inspected at every stage of production. Only when inspection is completed and confirmed by quality control manager, can batch production start. Every operator of a machine will have a continuous inspection in the production process. Such as measuring the size with measuring tools, observing the appearance and surface characteristics of the products. The inspector regularly checks samples from every machine and samples regularly.

Finished product inspection
At the last pass, the inspector will sign and seal all the documents, and the corresponding products will be out. The goal of quality control is to achieve zero defect in 100% finished products.

After-sale service
1, provide technical documentation and technical support for equipment installation, maintenance and operation.
2, provide a list of the main components of the equipment;
3, responsible for equipment installation guidance and equipment commissioning.
4, provide product warranty for one year (equipment warranty range, artificial damage is not guaranteed, vulnerable parts are not guaranteed).
5, provide the paid service after the warranty period.