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Spreaders GQ-160/190 is

Fabric runs automatically directed back to the origin.
Five minutes automatically shut down. (No use)
Emergency stop has been delegated the fabric is not pulled.
Streamlined shape to reduce wind resistance, reduce noise and reduce vibration.
PLC touch screen operating system.
No tension spreading.
Streamline operations, improve the efficiency of Health, to ensure quality.

The main device
LCD touch control device: Easy to set length, quantity, speed and paragraphs.
Catcher: can be used for face to face.
Automatic distributing pre-locking device: To relax the auxiliary put eliminate the filibuster tension and protect the quality of Rab consistency.
Electric eye automatically on the side of the device: the cloth was finished control the host automatically stop operation and automatically back to a fixed point.
Auto-lifting: according to fabric thickness increased volume set, with the filibuster,
Emergency stop devices: two sides of the shutdown cable can be pulled upon emergency stop anywhere at any time in the cutting room.

Standard equipment
Spreading length given memory device
The spreading machine acceleration and deceleration computer control
Trough automatically track Songbu device
Mop pole
Emergency stop devices
According Adjustable cutter walking distance
Number of floors counter
On the side of the device
Rewinding (rewind cloth)
One side movable presser
Double pull fixed presser

Optional device

Static eliminator
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