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GAOQI always regards people as the first element of the development of enterprises, and takes culture as a solid foundation for the development of enterprises.

  The development of GAOQI is always the development of human beings and the development of culture.

GAOQI actively promotes the construction of enterprise culture, pays attention to team spirit and the improvement of staff's overall quality, emphasizing teamwork spirit.

It also encourages employees' personal improvement and development to fully embody the concept of human based management. To establish a knowledge sharing system, promote the development of the enterprise to become a good learning organization, encourage employees to be able to do many, and provide employees with a continuing education platform, continue to learn knowledge and skills, effectively stimulate the creativity of the employees, enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Enterprise concept

systemEnterprise spirit: unity, endeavor, pragmatism and innovation

Management concept: whole staff marketing and whole staff quality

Value thinking: always betterCode of action: focus on customers, react quickly and act at once.

Core competitiveness: marketing, innovation, quality assurance system and management informatization.

Enterprise image: the service environment of science and technology

Quality objectives: one commissioning rate of 100%

Corporate vision: a modern garment ironing equipment enterprise integrating technology, modernization and internationalization.